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For more than forty years MARCHETTI has made style its raison d’etre, blending it with the vigour and mastery of the entrepreneurial spirit that has always distinguished the family and its story:

an Italian story firmly based on the indispensable quality and elegance of Made in Italy. MARCHETTI offers the European and world markets original projects, designed to be easily customized to taste, but do not betray time-honoured craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Lodes is the new name of the previous Studio Italia Design brand, a company that was founded in 1950 by Angelo Tosetto in Venice. The brand has stayed within his family for generations and now the company has found new life in the rebranding, maintaining and continuing the success that they have had for decades.

The design company was created from Tosetto’s passion for Murano glass—a region of Venice that is world-renowned for its hand-blown glass. Using this as inspiration, Tosetto’s vision for the Lodes lighting brand was to combine glass with metal materials, combining old traditions with new technologies.


Since its founding in Florence, Italy in 1972, Terzani has worked to meld traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology to create lighting that blurs the lines among art, luxury and design. Founder, Sergio Terzani, and CEO, Nicolas Terzani, have furthered their experimentation in lighting design with the creation of the Terzani Lab, where new materials, techniques and ideas can be developed and tested. With their most recent and highly celebrated collection, Terzani has taken the next step in its evolutionary process – building from its position as an industry leader to create an incubator for the future of lighting where Terzani can focus on new ideas and continue to redefine the way luxury lighting is made.


Quality, tradition, innovation. These are the values that form the foundations of Panzeri, a company that has produced and sold lighting Made in Italy to over 50 countries worldwide since 1947. The company’s philosophy is summed up in the practise of constantly looking to the future while maintaining and respecting the past, its heritage of traditional craftsmanship with a history of over 65 years.

Panzeri lamps are made with care and attention to detail, designed to illuminate and decorate indoor and outdoor spaces offering multiple stylistic solutions, produced in Italy at an eco-compatible production plant almost entirely powered by solar energy. Careful raw material selection, our long tradition of highly-skilled craftsmanship, the adoption of state of the art technology, innovative LED technology solutions and uniquely Italian design: these are the keys to the success of this company.


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